About us

The world is changing around us raising our awareness of effective waste management.Without a doubt the world is moving in one direction towards the optimisation of the waste disposal process and thereby helping to ensure a clean environment. The benefit is obvious providing a supply of raw materials to industry with minimal environmental impact and contributes to reduction in emissions responsible for global warming.

In The Bottle Eater we understand the individual needs of our clients and the current market, which has been changed in the direction of the “go green market”. We are always searching and learning constantly to be ready for the next challenge and offering the best solutions.

Who we are?

The Bottle Eater is a dynamic company, which manufactures technological equipment in Ireland of the highest quality designed to provide the best and the most efficient means for waste management.

We are a solid, dynamic, and flexible company. We are conscious of the need to offer the most efficient and cost effective solutions for the management and disposal of glass bottles.

We have an interdisciplinary team, with wide knowledge in different areas of technology, manufacturing, finance, legal, administration and marketing. This team allows us to ensure our company services all our clients needs.


In The Bottle Eater we are working to ensure customer satisfaction and improve our environment aimed at the reduction in global warming. We adhere to the “THREE R” environmental rules. (RECYCLE/ REDUCE/ REUSE)

 We offer to our clients the most modern, easy to use, effective and safe machines for the disposal of glass bottles in the market. This assures minimisation of waste, saving storage space and cost savings for disposal leaving the glass ready to be recycled.


To be first choice for glass bottle disposal equipment by customers in all hospitality, transport and entertainment businesses around the world knowing while doing so we are contributing to the preservation of our natural environment and contributing to the reduction in global warming.