The basis of our operations and the key to our success is our level of customer satisfaction. The Bottle Eater makes significant efforts to continually improve its product and services. Here we are some of testimonials that confirm the quality of The Bottle Eater

“We use the Bottle Eater 800 model in our catering logistics facilty in London to dispose of empty bottles collected on Eurostar trains. It is easy to operate and saves significant space” Rob Mulder, Eurostar, London

“With the rise in landfill tax and concerns over the environment, recycling your glass waste has never been so vital to your bottom line. The Bottle Eater can save you money, space and time.” Carlsberg UK.

“We are very satisfied with our purchase of the Bottle Eater 800. It is located close to our main bar and is of great benefit in reducing the space taken up with large volumes of empty bottles. We use it a lot for empty wine bottles. It is reliable, quiet and our staff find it safe and easy to use. We now have significant savings in labour and waste collection.” Marcello Forti, Fede Group, Starhotel Rosa Grand, Milan

“The space saving benefit from the Bottle Eater was remarkable. We converted our yard space into a larger smoking area. The machine is simple to operate and we would recommend it to anyone” Patrick Fitzsimons, Faltering Full Back, Finsbury Park, London

“It’s a great machine! Space-saving, labour saving and glass in the outside bins is reduced by 80%. The Bottle Eater is nice and tidy and extremely convenient. I have also made big savings in collection costs” Darren Nolan, Captain Morgans, London