The Bottle Eater

How does The Bottle Eater work?

An empty drinks bottle is fed into the bottle chute of The Bottle Eater; The Bottle Eater automatically starts as the bottle falls down the bottle chute smashing the bottle to small fragments. The broken bottle fragments then fall into a collecting wheelie bin below.

Who should have The Bottle Eater?

The Bottle Eater is a stand-alone bottle crusher designed for use within the hospitality sector (hostels, motels,resorts, cafes, nightclubs, public houses, restaurants, bars, pubs and more).

The Bottle Eater takes bulky empty bottles and reduces them in size making storage easier.

The Bottle Eater is designed to be easy to install and very safe and simple to operate.

The Bottle Eater lets you manage your glass waste by transforming bulky empty bottles into neat densely filled wheelie bins which are easy to handle saving you 80% on storage space.

High quality construction, low noise levels and small footprint have made The Bottle Eater a very popular choice with businesses across Europe.

Safe and easy to operate.

  1. Free up space
    • 80% reduction in space taken by empty bottles.  Bin capacity equivalent to 400 crushed beer bottles.
  2. Increase profits
    • More space for stock, less time wastage handling empties and reduced collection costs mean more profit.
  3. Quiet
    • Bottles are automatically broken down quietly and instantly.
  4. Recycle effectively
    • It’s a clean, safe and environmentally friendly solution to glass disposal. No need to separate coloured bottles.
  5. Low maintenance
    • Reliable and maintenance free.
  6. Energy efficient
    • Auto start and stop
  7. Bottle sizes
    • Effortlessly disposes of all bottle sizes.

The Bottle Eater

  • Free up space
  • Increase profits
  • Quiet
  • Recycle effectively
  • Low maintenance
  • All Bottle sizes
  • Small footprint
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Energy efficient

Patented and manufactured  by Bottle Eater Limited